Creative Activities in the Woods

Please read the Introduction Document and Safety Sheets before proceeding to the worksheets.

Activity: Visual Explorations in the Woods; Structure, Colour, Pattern, Light and Atmosphere (age 5 upwards).
Aim: Developing ways of seeing.
Kit: Hardback sketchbook, drawing pencils (B, 2B, 4B, 6B), rubber and sharpener, small piece of white card, double-sided tape, small scissors for picking, hand sanitizer, magnifying glass, bees wax blocks for rubbings.

Activity: Mark Making with Nature (age 5 upwards).
Aim: Exploring natural materials.
Kit: Paper bag for collecting, scissors or secateurs, strong cotton, scissors, sketchbook or large sheets of paper, beeswax coloured blocks / crayons, paint / coloured dipping inks.

Activity: Hapa Zome (age 5 upwards).
Aim: Understanding plant colour and shape.
Kit: Flat wooden board 30cm x 30cm, wooden hammer / mallet / thick hazel sticks for small hands, calico rectangles 30 x 50 cm.

Activity: Ant City (age 8 upwards).
Aim: Developing the imagination Observation skills and sketching.
Kit: Outdoor cushion, sketchbook, drawing pencils of varying softness (2B, 4B, 6), rubber, sharpener.

Activity: Sculpture and Dens (age 8 upwards).
Aim: Developing construction skills, exploring materials, creating an imaginary space.
Kit: Wire, wire cutters, string, scissors, secateurs, hacksaw, tarpaulin for sitting on.

Activity: Leaf Lanterns (age 6 upwards).
Aim: Observing leaf shapes.
Kit: Baking paper roll 30cm wide, PVA, big children’s brush, scissors, stapler, 1 sheet A3 card, paints to decorate, hole punch and string for hanging, small LED light.

Activity: Giant Group Painting (any age, mixed ages best).
Aim: Teamwork. Observation of the woods, sketching colour and shape.
Kit: A large roll of watercolour paper such as Fabriano Accademia 150cm x 1000cm, gaffer tape, hole making tool, 10 tent pegs for staking the paper down, cushions for kneeling on. Charcoal, brushos paints, around 8 jars with lids, water, 8 thick children’s painting brushes, smaller brushes for details, water soluble Lyra graphite sticks (2B, 6B, 9B), fixative.

Activity: Plant Printing (age 6 upwards).
Aim: Observing and building pattern from nature.
Kit: Printing equipment (see worksheet).

Activity: Flowers from Life.
Aim: Observational skills. Understanding structure of plants.
Kit: Outdoor cushion, drawing board, good quality paper, charcoal pencils, watercolour paints, brushes.

Activity: A Map for a Woodland Creature.
Aim: Understand how animals and plants live in the woods. Mapping skills, exploring scale.
Kit: Sketchbook, pencils, camera, map (google map / OS map), string, scissors.