Bluebell Project

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Every spring Wraxall woods are covered in bluebells, campion, stitchwort, primroses and celandine. Amongst the wildlife, a resident white stag is often seen rutting in the early mornings.

With the support of landlords we are opening up the woods to local children from Greenfords and Sticklands Primary Schools and the local community for workshops and a spring parade in 2020. Emerald Ant will children in creative activities inspired by the woodland habitat and the vast floral abundance. Children will learn about the habitat and flora through science and arts activities. We’re excited; This is the first of Emerald Ant’s projects on our home Turf.




Our Spring Workshops in Cattistock were loads of fun…


In 2020 we plan a Bluebell Parade; a series of arts workshops in schools and in the community making headdresses, puppet buzzards, foxes, deer and badgers. One fine day the parade will sail forth through the woods and fields!

Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty are supporting the current set up phase. We are now looking for funding for activities in 2019 from trusts, both local and national, and the Arts Council.