Ancient Inventions

Activity One – Paint Like a Caveman

Explore ancient paint making using soil and egg, with artist Sarah Butterworth. Suitable for ages 4 upwards.

Activity Two – Straight Lines and Early Geometry

Using ancient drawing techniques using string and chalk to do geometry, with references to pyramid building. Suitable for children ages 8-11. By artist Sarah Butterworth.

Activity Three – The Possibilities of Paper

Possibility of Paper is coming soon!

Activity Four – Let’s do the Caveman Pulse

Play simple rhythms using rocks with musician Ellie Velázquez. Suitable for ages 5-7.

Activity Five – Making Sounds (and Jam Tarts) with a Rolling Pin

Hear the different sounds made from cylindrical objects, such as rolling pins. And, if you’re lucky, you can make jam tarts at the same time! With musician Ellie Velázquez. Suitable for ages 5-7.

Activity Six – Great Great Great Aunt Tatiana’s Magic Box of Numbers

Discover the amazing abacus, and listen to the fun sounds it can make, with musician Ellie Velázquez. Suitable for ages 5-7.

Activity Seven – Bread and Fire

Discover all kinds of fun you can have making bread, along with some drama exercises, with a little help from loveable clown Jonny Anyway. Created by performer Jonny Hoskins.

Activity Eight – Wind Power

Find out about all the amazing uses for wind power, which people have been harnessing for thousands of years. Presented by performer Jonny Hoskins, with help from Jonny Anyway.

Activity Nine – Water Power

In this video, we’re going to be taking a look at water wheels, and doing some fun drama exercises with some help from our friend Jonny Anyway.