School Field Trips

In early May children from 5 schools in East Dorset visited Badbury Rings to discover its amazing history with archaeologist Dave Smith and its wonderful flora fauna with National Trust Ranger Mark Wratten.

The site’s Iron and Bronze Age eras were brought to life by handling some fascinating artefacts and with colourful illustrations to help the children understand what living at Badbury Rings would have been like for our ancestors.

And, did you know, there is a beach at Badbury Rings? Millions of years ago the whole area would have been underwater. As the water receded, the higher ground at the centre of the rings emerged and smoother, rounded stones show where a small beach would once have existed. Through fossils and artefacts the children learnt about the creatures that would have lived in this watery world.

Under the expert guidance of National Trust Ranger Mark Wratten, the children listened to bird song, learnt the traditional name for a kestrel (a windhover) and discovered how animal poo is helping important plant and flower species colonise the Rings!

With their know of Badbury Rings and its history, flora and fauna, the children will work with artists in their respective schools over the coming months to create pieces of artwork inspired by the site’s heritage. Their creations will form an illuminated trail event on the Rings in September.