A Celebration of Cranes – Lantern Procession

The Great Crane Project (RSPB) teamed up with Somerset Artworks, to celebrate 5 years’ re-introduction of Cranes to the Somerset Levels. They commissioned Sarah Butterworth to lead making workshops in schools and with community groups. On Nov 22nd children, young people, volunteers and artists put on a procession and performance at the Willow and Wetlands Centre, Stoke St Gregory. Giant Crane Puppet - A Celebration of Cranes

Crane puppet made by Sarah and adult volunteers. Photo: Jon England

SAW Crane Celebration - Nisha Haq (2)

Crane headdresses made by children at Stoke St Gregory Primary School.

Photo: Nisha Haq

Project Blog: http://somersetartworksblog.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/no-common-crane-celebration-of-cranes.html