Sally’s Glow Badbury Blog

By Sally Vaughan, Costume maker/Arts helper

When I was asked to help with this project I was intrigued. 

I’d never heard of Badbury Rings before, but the idea of an illuminated, night-time walk showcasing different art forms in the setting of an ancient monument, sounded magical and very special. 

I thought if I was a school child whose work had been included in this, I would probably remember it for the rest of my life.

Here’s an account of how Sarah Butterworth and I, spent a sunny afternoon making these very distinctive paper hats with a difference, that will have the stewards positively glowing at the evening Glow Badbury events.

We spent a very productive day on Friday (8th August) at the Emerald Ant workshop making headdresses for the stewards to wear during the Glow Badbury event. These simple but effective hats are made from folded card and sheet foam and painted with ultra-violet paint which will glow in the dark. No chance of losing our stewards in the Rings!