Maureen’s Glow Badbury Blog

By Maureen Lewis, National Trust Volunteer at Kingston Lacy

I’ve known Badbury Rings for most of my life.    I went there as a child with my parents, then with our children and then with our grandson, Harry.   Of course, there were many visits over the years, sometimes just the two of us, watching the sunset or the bats fly down Heron Drove.   I’ve always loved this magical, spiritual place.

I’ve walked it with Harry, singing all the way round the middle ring, echoing the songs sung there centuries ago.   We’ve marched along the Roman road hearing the feet of soldiers and the ring of horses’ hooves on stone.   We’ve picnicked where wives cooked for their menfolk and smelled the smoke of long-gone fires.

We’ve roamed where children playing in the wood, called out to their friends having heard the shouts of alarm from the people who saw invading armies approaching, and rested where others sat gazing at the sunset hearing nothing but feeling everything.

I’m so excited about Glow Badbury.   For many years I’ve thought what a perfect place it would be for a magical event, softly lit with a gentle glow just like a lantern in a tent – and at long last it is happening – evening events for the community to enjoy and experience this special place.

My husband and I recently helped at the Kingston Lacy workshop, making Celtic shields to be used at the events this September – along with many other creations being made at other artist-led workshops in the area.

The folk who came to ours, thoroughly enjoyed working with artist Holly Miller, and they are all looking forward to finding their shields suspended amongst the trees at Badbury.  We were also able to create a shield, so we will be searching for ours as well!

I’ve volunteered at Kingston Lacy for 9 years in various roles, currently I’m very much enjoying being a house steward.  Being retired, it is really wonderful to have a role in life which is fulfilling and one which hopefully enhances peoples experience of our wonderful property.   I feel incredibly fortunate to be a small part of this place and to be able to enjoy the many and varied aspects of volunteering.

The cherry on the cake for me, will be the opportunity to volunteer at Glow Badbury, and I’m looking forward to the weekend so very much.