Emerald Ant and The Iguanodon Restaurant

Iguanodon Restaurant - Emerald Ant

Iggy model - Sarah Butterworth

Iggy model 2

Scaled Iggy model by Sarah Butterworth and Mike Pattison

Arts-science Programme for Schools  

We will be running an intensive programme for schools in 2016 -18, on the Jurassic Coast, the Sussex and Kent Weald (where iguanodon were found), and in the Crystal Palace area of London. We’ll be working with the Jurassic Coast Team to support schools to teach geology creatively, and to use the Jurassic Coast as a learning resource. At each school we’ll stay for 2 days, performing the show, running creative discussions around important themes, and providing an arts-science fossil workshop, identifying and interpreting local fossils and re-creating the animals they once were. In doing this, we’ll be supporting the development of Jurassica on Portland, the work of the Jurassic Coast Team, and Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs. We’ve already got 8 schools on board. If you work at a school and are interested, please get in touch, details below…

Ig 3   The Iguanodon, as it was understood in 1859, by Samuel Griswold Goodrich 

1 Crystal_palace_iguanodon

The real ‘Iguanodon Banquet’ of 1853, as seen in the Illustrated London News, 7 Jan 1854

And Iggy as he stands today in Crystal Palace…


The Iguanodon Restaurant may also be used at Food Festivals for dining and we are interested in hearing from anyone involved in pop up restaurants and related events.

Many thanks to our partners and supporters:

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